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Spring 2014 Price List

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1208A Colorado Blue Spruce (2-3 TR) bareroot 18-24”
1208B Colorado Blue Spruce (Balled & Burlapped) 5-6’
1208C Colorado Blue Spruce B&B 6-7’
1210 Scots Pine – Pyramidal tree with orange bark color on older branches. Bluish-green, sharp needles. 12-15” 


1080 American Cranberry (Viburnum Trilobum) – A large, leggy, poorly branched native shrub found in 

wooded, usually moist areas, competing with the rest of the underbrush. In cultivation it may assume a fully branched, reasonably dense form. Excellent orange-red fall color and red fruits. Does best on well-drained sites with better than average moisture in partial shade to full sun.

2-3’ (2-2)
1070 Saskatoon – self-fertile, producing deep purple fruit. Shrubs are showy with white spring flowers and orange autumn leaf color. Maximize fruit production by planting in full sunlight. 18-24”
1119 Cotoneaster – shrub 8-12’. Black fruit, red fall color. Shiny, dark green leaves make this a good screen or hedge in the coldest climates. Pest free. 18-24” 



1118 Dogwood (Red Osier)  7-10’. Colorful all year. Grows rapidly to multistem shrub. Ideal for holding soil on steep banks, windbreak, and privacy. 4-5’ 2-0 


1147 Elm (Brandon) – A fast growing upright vase shaped spreading tree with rough toothed green foliage turning to an attractive yellow colour in fall. Good as a large street tree or shade tree. A more compact selection of American Elm. Needs moderate water and full sun. 5’ 




1140 Amur Maackia – 25’.  An attractive and rare small tree with showy upright spikes of white flowers in mid-summer.  Tidy ash-like foliage which emerges a fuzzy silver, and glowing golden bark; very clean, excellent for small yards. 8-10’ B&B
1122 Common Green Ash B&B 50’One of the best general purpose shade trees for cold climates; extremely hardy, very clean and tidy with symmetrical rounded shape and glossy foliage, seedless, adaptable to almost any conditions. 4-5’ 



1143 Common Lilac (Syringa Vulgaris) – Upright, vase-shaped plant with popular fragrant purple flowers. Glossy, blue green, dense foliage all summer. Impressive colour display in spring. Good for informal hedge or windbreak. 18-24” 3-0 

18-24” 2-2

1142 Late Lilac (Syringa Villosa) Coarse ball shaped shrub with small rose-mauve spike-like flowers. Crinkly green foliage all summer turns yellow in fall. Good for a background, informal hedges or windbreaks. Drought resistant once established. An excellent shrub, known for its hardiness. 

2-3’ 2-2
1134 May Day (Prunus Padus) – Vigorous rounded tree leafs out early in spring. Large clusters of fragrant white flowers in early May followed by small black fruit that attracts birds. Dark green foliage turns yellowish red in fall. Great for a large specimen, street or park tree. 







Assiniboine Poplar rapid growth rate will grow 7m in height after 5 years. Has a narrow crown and good winter hardiness and resistance to insects & diseases. A male clone and will not produce seed cotton. 

Prairie Sky Poplara tall, narrowly upright and fast-growing tree that’s tolerant of the worst growing conditions. Aggressive root system, great for windbreaks. Green foliage throughout the season, the large heart-shaped leaves turn yellow in the fall.







1128 Quaking Aspen (Populus Tremuloides) – Fast growing native North American tree with smooth pale bark. Dark green rounded leaves tremble in the slightest breeze. Beautiful golden-yellow fall colour. Attractive planted in Mass Planting or as individual specimens in parks or residential landscapes. 6-10’ 


1127 Swedish AspenVery popular, fast growing tree with a tight columnar habit. Shiny green toothed leaves shimmer in the wind. Unusually twisted branches. Yellow fall colour. Trunk becomes attractive white color with age. Great formal accent for the narrow spot…. 5’ 



1113 White Birch – A medium-sized deciduous tree, pyramidal becoming rounded with graceful, pendulous branching habit, growing to a height of 12 – 15 m. 3-4’

Potted Trees

Weeping BirchGraceful weeping tree with attractive white bark and delicate cutleaf dark green foliage. Highly recommended park or lawn specimen. Bright yellow fall colour. A standout in any landscape, especially where extra moisture is available. #07